Fabio Lamanna

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I am working as freelance Civil Engineer on Complex Tasks about Mobility, Urban Planning and Traffic Science. I'm now a post-doc researcher @ IFISC working on Social Sciences tasks. I live and work between Gemona del Friuli and Palma de Mallorca.

These are my latest works:

Twitter Users Traces over Madrid

I plotted an extract of geolocalised tweets taken from a data flow recorded over the city of Madrid, Spain, during some months of year 2013. Each color is related to a single user activity. The pattern is associated with users' movements over the time frame of the data. Data courtesy from IFISC.

Deutsche Bahn Railway Network

This work shows a complex view of the German Railway Timetable Network, defined by considering stations as nodes and train paths as edges. The number of trains running in a day on every path has been added to the corresponding edge. The thickness of every directional edge is directly proportional to the number of trains scheduled in a day between every pairs of stations. Moreover, the bigger the name of the station is, the higher number of trains are running to and from it (representing the so called "Strength" of a node).